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Hillgrove publishes books (Text & Reference) in the fields of Agriculture, Engineering, Science and Technology, Business and Management, and Innovation upon understanding the current requirements of the industry and academia. These books are aimed at supplementing higher education and furthering research that shall contribute directly for the betterment of the society. Authors are invited to write books or chapters for books as and when the need for such books is identified. Authors are rewarded in terms of honorarium for their intellectual contributions.

Archivers Title Author Year Publisher ISBN No
1 Building Trade Capacity Sea Port Infrastructure & Development Mohan Kumar I, Sourav Das 2010 Macmillan Publishers India Ltd., New Delhi. 0230-33214-5
2 Collaborative Distribution: A Solution for Effective Rural Marketing Mohan Kumar I 2007 Excel Books Ltd., New Delhi. 978-81-7446-836-9