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Our core research centres are speciality units coupled with application facilities and work along with reputed corporate houses in its areas of focus.

Our research centres include -

  • Centre for Agricultural Research (CAR)

    CAR focuses on Agronomy, Aquaculture, Contract Farming, Crop Production, Crop Protection, Dairy Farming, Farm Equipment & Machinery, Floriculture, Food Processing, Food Productivity, Forest Farming, Harvest Technology, Horticulture, Integrated Farming, Intercropping, Irrigation Systems, Livestock Breeding, Organic Farming, Seed Technology and allied areas.

  • Centre for Research in Engineering & Technology (CRET)

    CRET concentrates in engineering faculties that includes Agriculture, Automobile, Chemical, Civil, Computer Science, Electrical, Electronics, Environment, Industrial, Material, Mechanical, Power and Energy, Telecommunication and allied areas.

  • Centre for Research in Science & Technology (CRST)

    CRST works in the areas of Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Climatology, Crop, Electrochemistry, Electromagnetics, Environment, Fibers, Information, Inorganic Chemistry, Kinetics, Material, Mechanics, Microbiology, Physics, Plantation, Thermodynamics, Zoology and allied areas.

  • Centre for Research in Business and Management (CRBM)

    CRBM is an expert centre specialized in the areas of Business Intelligence, Business Modeling, Business Process Reengineering, Business Strategy, Organizational Change, E-Business, Finance & Accounting, Human Resource, Information Technology, International Business, Inventory, Knowledge Management, Sales & Marketing, Production & Operations, Organization Development, Quality & Productivity and allied areas.

  • Centre for Entrepreneurship & Business Modeling (CEBM)

    CEBM is a speciality research and development center focusing on Business Incubation, Development of Business Models, Entrepreneurial Finance, Entrepreneurship Development, Family Business Management, Intellectual Property, Business Leadership, Microfinance, New Venture Creation, Social Entrepreneurship, Invention & Innovation, Sustainable Innovation, Technology Entrepreneurship, Women Entrepreneurship, New Product/ Service Development, Rural Entrepreneurship and allied areas.