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Research papers are invited from eminent authors and research scholars in the fields of Agriculture, Engineering, Science and Technology, Business and Management, and Innovation while hosting conferences (Regional/ National/ Continental/ International). After which, qualifying papers are reviewed and then recommended for publication in reputed journals (National & International) or journals with special editions. Authors are rewarded in terms of honorarium for their intellectual contributions.

Archivers Title Author Pdf
1 Analysis of nano carbon obtained from mustard oil soot Baskar R, Devashankar S, Sankar R Download
2 A DFT Study on Morphological Change in Bimetallic Gold Nanocluster Manohar Pillegowda, Ganga Periyasamy Download
3 Aromaticity in Metal Dithiolene Complexes Blessy Rani, Ganga Periyasamy Download
4 Recent Advances of Carbon Nanotubes in Science and Technology Skanda M S, Surendar P M, Revanasiddappa M Download
5 Organic Food – The Next Agenda in Agri-business Murugesan R, Chandran T, Mohan Kumar I Download
6 Photo Periodically Induced Changes in Haemolymph Protein of Selected Mulberry Silkworm Races /Breeds Jagadeesh Kumar T S, Sunil Kumar B Download
7 Synthesis and Characterization of Interfacial Silver Doped Polyaniline/Graphene/SrTiO3 Composites Vinay K, Shivakumar K, Revanasiddappa M Download
8 Digital Technology and Dynamic Governance Murugesan R, Chandran T, Mohan Kumar I Download
9 A Case Study of Bellandur Lake in Bangalore Deepak N, Divij Krishna M D, Sujan Reddy J S, Jayanth Raj R Download
10 Vermicomposting of Phytoremediated Eichornia crassipes as an Alternative Management of Biodegradable Wastes and Water Pollution Deepthi Kurian, Pawlin Vasanthi Joseph Download
11 Depleting Biodiversity and Indigenous People: Case Study of Jharkhand Smita Pandey Download
12 The Role of Woman - According to Mahatma Gandhiji Suneetha Download
13 A Case Study on Kudumbashree – Best Practice in Women Empowerment Asha Sankar V, Dinta Suresh Download
14 Women Empowerment: The Panacea, A study of Willa Cather’s My Antonia Chitra D Download
15 A Study on the Role of Information Technology in Cross Cultural Consumer Behaviour Nithya D Download
16 Cross Cultural Consumers and Their Influence on Tourism Industry for Sustainable Environment Sathiyabamavathy K, Bindu V T Download
17 Similar Assesment of Water Quality of Ground Water and Sujala Pathakam Filter Plants Installed in the Gudibanda and Rolla Mandala, Madakasira Taluk in Andhra Pradesh Sripathy L, Kantharaju S, Prasanna Kumar S G, Nagegowda P Download
18 Electrical Conductivity Studies on Aldazine Metal Complexes Revanasiddappa M, Kotresh Durgada, Vinay K Download
19 Study on Suicidal Data Using Statistical Analysis Sheethala M, Deivarani S, Vani K H Download
20 Comparative Study of Time Series and ARIMA Model on Stock Data Prakatheeswari S R, Pujithaa Vijayanand, Deivarani S, Vani K H Download
21 Prediction of Flight Delays and Cancellation Keerthana K, Viswa Harini T N, Deivarani S Download
22 Effects of Curing on Class-C Fly Ash based Geopolymer Bricks Lavanya Ganesan Download
23 Strength characteristics of Concrete Paver Blocks embedded with PET Fibres Lavanya Ganesan, Chippymol James Download
24 Interface between Climate Change and Capitalism Suseela Kanduri, Vaishnavi Kanduri Download
25 Virtual Control – An Efficient Management Practice Murugesan R, Mohan Kumar Iyer, Sukumar P Download